Keeping Our Facilities Connected and Compliant Through Covid-19!

Every cliche blog intro about Covid-19 has already been said. Unprecedented times… it’s been a crazy year… everything has changed… we all know the drill. As digital marketing professionals specializing in the healthcare industry – an industry that has undoubtedly taken some of the greatest hits during this pandemic – we’ve truly seen and heard […]

TypoDuctions Partners with Apploi to Enhance Client Recruitment Marketing

TypoDuctions now offers Apploi’s recruitment platform to our clients! New York City, NY, July 2019 — TypoDuctions is proud to announce our partnership with Apploi, the high-volume recruitment platform that streamlines the hiring process.  As a highly trusted digital marketing agency in the healthcare industry and beyond, TypoDuctions is a one stop shop for all […]

“The Inside Scoop” – A Quick Word With Creative Director Amitay Stern

DH: What is TypoDuctions? AS: Hi Ms. Hoffman, thanks for having me on your show. Typo is a digital marketing agency that…wow agency sounds so official. We are a bunch of creative and fun people who know how to craft and deliver a message in ways that make our clients shine online, in print and […]

“Big Reputation” – The Importance of Online Reputation Management

“This restaurant absolutely sucks. The food tasted old, the service was ridiculously slow, and I personally witnessed a waiter sneeze on my nachos.” On a scale of 1-10, how likely are you to visit that eatery? Answer anything higher than 0, you’re either a masochist or someone who strangely enjoys terrible restaurants. Negative reviews have […]

Welcome Home! Why Your Facility Needs a Virtual Tour

You’ve worked in healthcare for a while. You know if there’s one thing residents hate and their kids love, it’s technology. Technology and the healthcare industry aren’t exactly happily married yet, but slowly, facility operators are beginning to realize what tech can offer their organization, their residents and facility promotion. One area that stands to […]