TypoDuctions Partners with Apploi to Enhance Client Recruitment Marketing

TypoDuctions now offers Apploi’s recruitment platform to our clients! New York City, NY, July 2019 — TypoDuctions is proud to announce our partnership with Apploi, the high-volume recruitment platform that streamlines the hiring process.  As a highly trusted digital marketing agency in the healthcare industry and beyond, TypoDuctions is a one stop shop for all […]

“Big Reputation” – The Importance of Online Reputation Management

“This restaurant absolutely sucks. The food tasted old, the service was ridiculously slow, and I personally witnessed a waiter sneeze on my nachos.” On a scale of 1-10, how likely are you to visit that eatery? Answer anything higher than 0, you’re either a masochist or someone who strangely enjoys terrible restaurants. Negative reviews have […]