COVID-19 Assistance


Healthcare facilities are now facing intense levels of stress as they continued to provide care for patients and residents during this time. Communicating with the outside world via mass communication methods is now vital. We are here to assist in any way we can! The following are some of the ways we are doing so but please reach out for more.

TypoDuctions’ Social Media and Website Management Provides Vital Updates To Families

To alleviate some of the pressure that facility personnel are facing with communication, we recommend notifying all families, via several methods that we provide, to follow facility social media and the website for any updates in real-time about facility efforts, announcements, events, etc.

We can get you set up WITHIN 24 HOURS.

TypoDuctions’ Check-In Kiosk Screens Guests for COVID-19

Our check-in kiosks are now screening visitors for COVID-19 exposure before entering the facility. Our software asks health screening questions to guests, preventing anyone at risk from entering the building. If a visitor is flagged, an alarm will sound, or a notification will be immediately sent to a designated staff member.

If you’re serious about keeping the threat to your residents low, please reach out to our team today so we can help you implement the software WITHIN 24 HOURS.

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