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“The Inside Scoop” – Our Social Media Director: Rachel “Rucki” Schwartz

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FK: So you’re a TypoDuctions OG, how has the company evolved and progressed since you’ve started?

RS: We started out in a garage. 4 offices and 15 employees later, we’re still growing.

FK: How do you balance working full time (24/7) and being a mother to two adorable children?

RS: Honestly, I’m still trying to figure it out, but thankfully I work for understanding people and hire good help.

FK: What’s your favorite part about working for TypoDuctions?

RS: The people for sure! I love working with the people here, we’re all friends.

FK: You were originally a school psychologist, what made you decide to go into marketing?

RS: That’s a loaded question (insert laughter). It just fell in my lap. Amitay and Jonah had recently started the company and needed some help with social media nitty gritty. I was originally working in Kushner as a behavioral specialist, and would do some creative work for TypoDuctions during my lunch break. Eventually, I left my position at Kushner and started working for TypoDuctions full time.

FK: Where do you hope to be in 5 years?

RS: Sipping sangria at my pool while simultaneously watching The Bachelor and working with my awesome TypoDuctions clients..

FK: What’s your official job title and role?

RS: Director of Social Media.

FK: What are your best attributes?

RS: My sense of humor, it gets me through the long days.

FK: Who’s your role model?

RS: My bosses. Yes, definitely.

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